Joe DiMaggio’s Personal Tribute to the 4th of July

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© Joe DiMaggio

© Joe DiMaggio

For veteran New York photographer Joe DiMaggio, July 4th remains a time for gratitude. “I am one of the luckiest people in the world. Many of my friends are artists, whether they be painters, writers, poets, musicians photographers or what have you. What’s the term that is used-  starving artists? Every once in a while, I tend to complain and moan about the state of the union. Several friends have reminded me if you don’t like the state of the union you can go somewhere else. To be honest, I’ve been lucky enough to travel around the world a couple of times. Every once in a while, I remember to get on bended knee and kiss the ground as I’m fortunate enough to live in the greatest country in the world. Think about it…

“The photograph of the model’s hand was a silhouette done on a transparent white background with 4 electronic flashes on the white background. The photo was originally done on Kodachrome 25 with the Singh-Ray UV Filter. The film was  rewound and reloaded back into the camera and a 2nd front lit image of an American Flag with a fan blowing on it was shot over the silhouette. The original photo had no help from photoshop because it was actually done before photoshop existed. Well what do you know — this older image has just been selected as a magazine cover and the client asked that the transparent white background be changed to blue as it would not work well with their logo. Hmm, have we heard this before? My photoshop skills are minimal at best and I intentionally keep it that way. Twelve to fourteen hours a day is enough work. An assistant gave me a hand and we dropped the blue into the background for the client.

© Joe DiMaggio

© Joe DiMaggio

“This second photo was inspired as I was splitting wood for my fireplace and saw the inside grain of one particular piece of wood. I picked up a my EOS 5D Mark III, 100mm Macro with the Singh Ray Hi-Lux filter and made several frames. I then  shot one of my small American Flags and my assistant was kind enough to blend them together.”

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Terrence Farrell

© 2012 Joe DiMaggio

I like every American lost over 3,000 brothers and sisters. One of them was a dear friend. His life was no more or less important than the others. His memory is with me always.

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Politics No – Respect Yes

© Joe DiMaggio

One of the first things I remember being taught was that Americans live in the greatest country in the world. It is the longest standing Republic, and we are truly a free country. If any of you have done any traveling, you realize just how great a country we have. There are certain basic and fundamental rules; rules that never change, rules that are not open for discussion. Most of these rules are extremely simple and to the point. In a Democracy, the right to freedom of speech is imperative; it’s basic. But respect for fellow human beings should be part of the protocol, and respect for the President of the United States must be mandated. Whether you’re a Republican, a Democrat, or an Independent; whether you agree or disagree with policies, you must respect the office of the presidency. If you don’t like what’s happening, you should take your inalienable right to vote and vote the president out of office. In my opinion, Mr. Neil Munro was totally disrespectful to the President of the United States, and he should have his credentials removed from the White House press corps. To add insult to injury, Munro didn’t have the common sense or courtesy to apologize during or after the incident. I don’t expect anyone to live up to my standards, I will share this with you. The above photograph was sent to George W Bush after the events of September 11. I sent him a letter with the photograph, and I said to him in this letter that this photograph was for his personal archives, and that while I did not vote for him, I certainly respected him as the President of the United States. Next week, I will send president Obama my lady liberty photograph and tell him that I respect him and the office.