Memorial Day Bike Race

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To All The Ships At Sea

For the Last Three years my dear friend Brian has invited me to the oldest bicycle race in the US held in Somerville,  N.J. on Memorial Day. Every year I promise to go and cancel because of this that or the other thing.  This year I decided I was going to go and am extremely happy I went.  Brian was not exaggerating it is an amazing experience.  Hundreds of racers and thousands of spectators.  Colorful is an understatement. Towards the end of the day, JoAnne and I ran into Dave and Linda.  There may be a possibility next year of doing a Sports/Action semi-private workshop.  Could be a lot of fun.  It’s a great place to hone your eye hand coordination and to tweak your panning skills.  Prepping for a rodeo shoot to be continued….

© Joe DiMaggio All Rights Reserved

© 2012 Joe DiMaggio All Rights Reserved

To Shop or Not to Shop

I’ve had an opportunity to spend ten years at the University of Arizona doing workshops and lectures, and in the day shooting some assignments and stock work. Funny how it all seemed to come around in January and February hmm…, first thing  when I got to Tucson, would be I’d hire one or two assistants and interns. One of the best was Lee Ann Fox, extremely bright, creative and a lot of fun. As the sun was setting, I came up with a photo of Lee Ann her (nickname was the Fox) on her motorcycle. If you look closely at the bottom photograph you will see a hell of a lot of industrial stuff. In the day before Photoshop I would attempt to do a multiple exposure, shoot the background separate, another at speed, and then I’d have an assistant photoshop it. Camera 35mm, lens 35mm f/1.4, the platform was a moving rent-a-car,1/60 of a second, at f/5.6, ISO 50. If you look close, you will see me in Fox’s mirror. Photo tip of the day,is to make sure you have a great driver and a model that can take direction by hand motions. Do not try this while driving the car, it could be dangerous.