Watch FX Drama Lights Out January 11 10 PM

Photos ©Joe DiMaggio – Lights Out Photography and filmmaking are unlike any other means of communication, where sworn competitors can come together and work on one project and have an amazingly great time.  I guess it takes 4-5 decades to truly understand the camaraderie between your peer group. I spent quite a bit of time at the studio with my dear friend Johnny Eye, (John Iacono) who you may remember was named photographer of the year at the Lucie awards for Lifetime achievement in Sports.  Someone asked me, how do I feel about that?  I said I’m ecstatic for him; if anyone deserves it, Johnny does in spades!  He deserves 3 lifetime awards.  Being good is one thing but being great over 40 years is pretty hard to do.  Tune into LIGHTS OUT  and see if you recognize any of the Extras. Each one of us played a very difficult part – photographers ringside at a heavyweight championship fight.  Wow what a stretch!  It was a lot of fun!

Use it or Lose it!

One of the biggest complaints JoAnne and I hear from amateurs and pros is that they have nothing to photograph. When I hear that sometimes my jaw clenches, and if I’m not careful, I could break a tooth. The reality is you could spend half a lifetime in your backyard and never make the same photograph twice. Let’s beat up two more cliches, Practice makes perfect. The other complaint I hear is that, “I don’t have enough time in the day to make great photos.” My answer is, MAKE THE TIME! One of my students, Larry Malang, asked if I would do his portrait for his webpage. Of course I would be happy to do his portrait for a $1500 sitting fee. Larry thought that was fair. We spent about 20 minutes in the studio, had several usable frames. Oops! I don’t mean frames I mean digital images. Sometimes I fall back to  ASA. Okay, I know it’s ISO. One of the reasons I jumped at this photographic opportunity is because he is an extremely bright and creative gentleman. He has been reincarnated several times. I find his face and his intensity charming. Larry, the check is in the mail right?

My View From the Corner By Angelo Dundee

In a world that’s filled with large egos, split second decisions, people who don’t listen at all you have the exact opposite with Angie Dundee. There’s never a been a bad word spoken about Angie and the reason is he’s genuine, the best and only sees the good in people. In the middle of a hellish Nor’easter Dylan and I made our way to Foxwood’s and Angie was gracious enough along with his business manager Mark Grismer, to give us a history of Boxing through his eyes. I learned more about boxing, in two hours then I did in the last 30 years.
Angie and I go back a long way, I did stories on him for Sport Magazine, Inside Sports, and The New York Times. He was amazing then and he’s still amazing. At the end of the interview I asked him about Yuri Foreman. He said you got to like Yuri, because he’s, “white, polite, contrite and he can fight.”