My View From the Corner By Angelo Dundee

In a world that’s filled with large egos, split second decisions, people who don’t listen at all you have the exact opposite with Angie Dundee. There’s never a been a bad word spoken about Angie and the reason is he’s genuine, the best and only sees the good in people. In the middle of a hellish Nor’easter Dylan and I made our way to Foxwood’s and Angie was gracious enough along with his business manager Mark Grismer, to give us a history of Boxing through his eyes. I learned more about boxing, in two hours then I did in the last 30 years.
Angie and I go back a long way, I did stories on him for Sport Magazine, Inside Sports, and The New York Times. He was amazing then and he’s still amazing. At the end of the interview I asked him about Yuri Foreman. He said you got to like Yuri, because he’s, “white, polite, contrite and he can fight.”

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