Not My First Rodeo

To All The Ships At Sea

One of the great advantages of being a photographer is travel. I’ve been blessed because over my career I’ve been around the world twice and am now working on the third time. Many of my assignments revolved around sports and action. With all the assignments and travel, I had never photographed a rodeo until last week.It was my first. While shooting, an official came over and was kind enough to give me insight on who, what, and where the action would be taking place and for how long. I looked at him and said you do understand this is not my first rodeo and then realized what I had said and immediately corrected myself. Utilizing this cowboy’s thirty years of doing rodeo helped me make a better photograph with less mistakes.  This is what I call important pre-production. I make it my business to  seek out the elder of the village whether it’s in Botswana, Palermo or Utah. Do your research and seek out whatever help you can get to make your work better. Keeping your mind open to learn and trying knew things is important and it’s what makes the world go round.  The DiMaggio/Kalish Learning Center will be doing two professional rodeo workshops this year and they will be awesome.


©2012 Joe DiMaggio

All Photos ©2012 Joe DiMaggio

©’12 Joe DiMaggio


©’12 Joe DiMaggio


©’12 Joe DiMaggio


©’12 Joe DiMaggio

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