F/2.8 and be there ISO100- WINTER IN SAN FRANCISCO

Copyright Joe DiMaggio

Jono: Side lit exposure for cheek closest to camera.  24-70 at 70. iso160 1/400 of a second at 2.8. Sony Camera Zeiss lens

OK, what happens when you take a visionary from Berkley and a bright, beautiful Harvard girl and put them together?  You get  Julian and Elias, my nephews.  I’ve known Jono Korchin for twenty maybe  thirty years… oh forget it.  It’s a little known fact that Jono had a hand in inventing Itunes.  Gil Amello (yes, the despot of apple computers) wouldn’t exactly agree, but I’d better not go there .  Jono is a true visionary.  His beautiful wife has a distant relationship to the Grateful Dead and is an extremely bright business woman who managed to found a corporation called “Korchins Inc.”.  Here are the two front men.

Copyright Joe DiMaggio

1/500 of a second 2.8 70mm almost into macro zone.  Intentionally shot back-lit and 1/2 a stop over. Sony Camera Zeiss lens

Sony 24-70 2.8 2/50 intentionally allowed hair to blow out.  Red reflection from red wall, I chose not to correct (just my preference). Sony Camera Zeiss lens 

Copyright Joe DiMaggio

Copyright JoAnne Kalish

Group shots:  High noon at Berkeley campus, only shade to be found. 1/250 5.6 50mm Sony Camera Zeiss lens.  

I could have  flew a silk, but Jono didn’t have the budget 

Copyright Joe DiMaggio

Sony 24-70 ISO400 1/200 seconds  f/2.8 70mm Sony Camera Zeiss lens 

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