David Morel. Flexible, always looking, never satisfied.

David Morel.  Flexible, always looking, never satisfied.  I first met David on one of my pop-photo mentor series.  We exchanged emails and David was kind enough to help me with some IT work.  Over the years, we became good friends.  What I love about David is that he’s a big kid, in the same way I’m a big kid.  Constantly looking, and wanting to explore whats not there.  I take my beret off to David.  Please see some of his work .  It’s fun when you cast the hypo on the water and it comes back as a print.

Artist Statement:

I am a photographer with a split personality. The split began when I started stretching my pre-conceived concept of a “good” photograph. Prior to that, I was a chronicler of what I saw, a recorder of images, who did not interpret the image before me.  I liked to experiment with new techniques and subjects, but I was mimicking what I had seen, heard, or read from others. Then ten years ago I became friends with a photographer named Joe DiMaggio who introduced me to motion and blur in images. Despite the fact that initial feedback from my peers was less than positive, I continued to explore this new form of expression. For the first time I began to take photos that were worthwhile to me simply because I liked them. I began creating for myself, revealing the quixotic side to my personality through the photos I produced.

Click on the photo to be taken to Davids Home Page.

Some of the images I am submitting are from a series I have created over the last few years called “Retail Therapy.”  I capture images of displays and goods for sale in their “natural habitat” — farmers’ markets and upscale boutiques and big box retail stores. Typically, the images are colorful and bold with interesting patterns dissolving into intriguing blurs. Rarely is it obvious that they were shot in stores. My subjects reflect the value of the creative work of someone—a craftsman, artist or assembly line worker—who dedicated their energy to their manufacture. I have juxtaposed these photos with similar images from nature and architecture shot from angles that emphasize patterns and bright color or startling contrast. The contrasts and similarities between the natural and manmade world give my work an essence that, like my own personality, may seem disjointed or “split” but that makes a certain sense to me as an artist.

In the past year or so, I have been encouraged to think more about what, how, and why I am shooting. I recently began a year-long project of participating in photography competitions and blogging about the experience. I am hoping the writing about the images I shot and submitted and the feedback from the competitions will help me better develop my own artistic vision.

I am very excited about the chance to have a portfolio review by the South Light Salon. They are a group of photographers whose work I admire. I envy the growth I have seen in their art over the last few years and would love to see similar growth in my own work someday.

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