Dynalite Makes Its Own Light

© Peter Poremba

To all the ships at sea, if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my years as a photographer and  filmmaker, it’s that I don’t have all the answers. Hopefully, I’m smart enough to go to the people that do have the answers. Peter Poremba, the CEO, president, and senior electrical engineer of Dynalite was kind enough to go to Malibu on two separate occasions, and with the minimum amount of equipment he was able to light 30% of the arena: just one light and one power pack (if it was for SI, he would have brought in six power packs and eight lights). The combination of the electronic flash and the hypersync on my Canon 7D and Peter’s Nikon D7000 made for some photos that could not be taken back in the day. Some of the other photos in this blog I threw in just because I wanted to, will have a follow up.

Tech information: triggering device was the new Pocket Wizard Flex, power pack MP800, SH2000 Studio Head, SP-45 reflector, Nikon 85mm 1.4 lens, Canon 135mm lens.

Nikon D7000 exposures: 1/800 of a second, ISO 400, f4

Canon 7D exposures: 1/1200 of a second, ISO 500, f4.5

Peter Poremba, © Joe DiMaggio

© Joe DiMaggio

© Joe DiMaggio, no strobe

© Joe DiMaggio

Deux Presidents

Peter Poremba, a brilliant businessman and President of Dynalite, happens to be a good friend. In my opinion, Dynalite is the finest electronic flash manufacturer with the best value for your money and they make extremely durable units. By the way, Peter has a gorgeous wife Connie and a beautiful daughter Olivia – how great is that? Another good friend, Carl Saieva, is an amazing designer and engineer. Carl happens to be a master dive instructor who specializes in cave diving. Carl makes the finest, brightest, and best underwater lights money can buy. Carl also has a beautiful wife and three beautiful children – one set of twins. I’ve been trying to get both of them together for about 10 years, and it finally happened this week. My guess & hope is that you may be seeing a collaboration between the two of them. It could make the photographic/video family, especially the new DSLR shooters, and maybe some Hollywood shooters ecstatic. Who knows I think the combination of these two collaborating could really make some very fine products.