Deux Presidents

Peter Poremba, a brilliant businessman and President of Dynalite, happens to be a good friend. In my opinion, Dynalite is the finest electronic flash manufacturer with the best value for your money and they make extremely durable units. By the way, Peter has a gorgeous wife Connie and a beautiful daughter Olivia – how great is that? Another good friend, Carl Saieva, is an amazing designer and engineer. Carl happens to be a master dive instructor who specializes in cave diving. Carl makes the finest, brightest, and best underwater lights money can buy. Carl also has a beautiful wife and three beautiful children – one set of twins. I’ve been trying to get both of them together for about 10 years, and it finally happened this week. My guess & hope is that you may be seeing a collaboration between the two of them. It could make the photographic/video family, especially the new DSLR shooters, and maybe some Hollywood shooters ecstatic. Who knows I think the combination of these two collaborating could really make some very fine products. 

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