Montauk in September

All Photos © Joe DiMaggio 

Four days off after a major corporate shoot and film for Galvanic Printing, see my vimeo page. Anyone who’s been to any of my workshops, lectures, or our DiMaggio/Kalish Learning Center knows that they hear the same thing over and over. Less is more. Both JoAnne and I receive many questions about the quality of photographic products. My answer is relatively simple. Whatever works for you, and whatever you can afford is what it’s all about. Let’s remember the photographer makes the photograph. One of my long-time assistants Larry Malang asked me “Are Canon and Nikon lenses better then Sigma’s?” My answer was very simple. “Canon and Nikon make great glass, and so does Sigma” One thing about Sigma glass that is really impressive, is that the lenses work very well with severe backlight. I shoot a lot of  backlight because I love it!  I took three new lenses with me to Montauk for a well deserved four day busmans holiday. The 8-16mm , the 17-50mm  f/2.8, and the 70-200mm. I use all of these lenses specifically for video. As soon as I can cut some footage, I will post it on Vimeo. In the mean time, here are a few photos that are severely back and side lit.  Utilizing the new lenses. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that they have great color and great contrast. Great shooting.

Joe D.
All Photographs Copyrighted Joe DiMaggio  ©

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