Timex keeps on Ticking

It appears that the world is moving at light speed. Or maybe it’s warp speed. I’ll have to ask Bill Shatner which one is faster. Yesterday, my partner JoAnne Kalish found an old jewelry box. Yes i said Jewelry box, of mine. In the jewelry box was a fifty year old timex watch. So I looked at it, decided to wind it and guess what. It worked! So I set the time and checked it twelve hours later. It was dead on. In a drawer I very rarely go to, I have about fifteen plus watches. Guess what, I don’t use any of them! Of course I keep time with my iPhone. Probably, my most expensive watch, $700. As we all know the iPhone can’t make a decent phone call. Like a friend of mine said, “It’s not the phone’s fault it’s AT&T” The bottom line is I can’t make to many phone calls, but it does keep good time.
Joe D. Signing off.

All images Copyright © Joe DiMaggio

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