My Second Rodeo

To all the ships at Sea

I was so blown away by the rodeo experience that I decided to go back and shoot some video. My camera of choice was the Canon 5D Mark III with a Zacuto finder,a Manfrotto video monopod, and a 24-105mm Canon lens. We mounted the new GoPro HD2 on the bullfighter, for a view which I call from the inside out, rather than the outside in. The footage can now be viewed below, please take a look; there are some amazing images there. Can’t wait for my third Rodeo

Joe D

Video © 2012 Joe DiMaggio

Coming to Adorama TV

To all the ships at sea; during my career at Sports Illustrated, I believe I only shot 5 baseball games; 3 in the world series, and 2 in the playoffs. Oops, I forgot about Sport Magazine; 2 for them on a cover of Carl Yastrzemski. I recently had an opportunity to put together a combination advanced photographic workshop on sport and action photography, and a short film for Adorama TV. I called in some favors from major league baseball, which allowed me to bring my crew in for a triple A game between the Iron Pigs and the SW Yankees. It was a great evening. Next month you will be able to see the video on Adorama TV. The above photograph was taken by Dylan: 300mm 2.8 lens, Canon 7D with battery grip, Getso monopod, stadium mercury vapor lights, exposure 1/1000 of a second at 2.8 with an ISO of 3200. Summer’s here, what a great excuse to go make some photos. So get some batteries, get some flash cards, or a roll of Tri-x, and make some photos. Joe D.

Sports Illustrated- JoAnne Kalish

Photo Long Beach Grand Prix © JoAnne Kalish
Long Beach Grand Prix Shunt 31 © J.Kalish

© 1978 JoAnne Kalish Long Beach Grand Prix Mario Andretti and James Hunt

The interesting thing about having two photographers in the family is people ask, do we compete? What a silly question. Oops, I forgot, there are no silly questions. Of course we compete. We’re constantly competing, and we all know who is going to win. In the final analysis,  it certainly won’t be me. My partner JoAnne Kalish is great photographer

I’ll tell you a little story. On the inaugural Formula One auto race in Long Beach, California there were approximately 1500 photographers, each one of them looking for the best position for the start of the race to get the definitive Formula One start shot. Photographers like Neil Leifer who is considered one of the finest sports photographers in our time. Neil has a zillion SPORTS ILLUSTRATED covers. Along with Neil, there was Gary Nichermin, Louis Franck, Kevin Fitzgerald, Mike Phillips, myself, and a small, 101 pound JoAnne Kalish. Everybody marked their positions and waited for the cars to let loose with a burst of 36 exposures. There was a loud noise and the screeching of brakes and smoke all over the place. I followed a car moving to my left along with, I don’t know how many other photographers. At the end JoAnne said “Wow, did you get that shunt?” and I said yes, and everybody else said yes. Later on that evening we went to pick up our film, at the lab, and while there, everybody checked their film out on the light boxes provided. JoAnne opens up her first box of slides, and there was the entire motor series of the shunt at the start of the race, with James Hunt’s car literally on one wheel flipping up in the air, which, by the way, Mario Andretti ran double truck in his coffee table book. JoAnne said, “did you guys get this?” We’re all looking around wondering what she’s talking about and sure enough, she has the whole motor series of this shunt. We didn’t get it, we never even saw it. But she nailed it! That’s JoAnne, small ego, great talent. That was the first photo she had published in SPORTS ILLUSTRATED and they ran it again in SI’s YEAR IN PICTURES.

There wasn’t another photographer at the race that captured the shots she got!