Coming to Adorama TV

To all the ships at sea; during my career at Sports Illustrated, I believe I only shot 5 baseball games; 3 in the world series, and 2 in the playoffs. Oops, I forgot about Sport Magazine; 2 for them on a cover of Carl Yastrzemski. I recently had an opportunity to put together a combination advanced photographic workshop on sport and action photography, and a short film for Adorama TV. I called in some favors from major league baseball, which allowed me to bring my crew in for a triple A game between the Iron Pigs and the SW Yankees. It was a great evening. Next month you will be able to see the video on Adorama TV. The above photograph was taken by Dylan: 300mm 2.8 lens, Canon 7D with battery grip, Getso monopod, stadium mercury vapor lights, exposure 1/1000 of a second at 2.8 with an ISO of 3200. Summer’s here, what a great excuse to go make some photos. So get some batteries, get some flash cards, or a roll of Tri-x, and make some photos. Joe D.

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