Chinese New Year

"Chinese New Year", 2012, ©Joe DiMaggio

©Joe DiMaggio

Hi to all the ships at sea,

Hi guys, we have a very special day coming up-it is February 17th. It’s the celebration of, the year of the snake, the Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year holds a special place in my heart. That’s the first date I had with JoAnne-so it’s officially and unofficially our anniversary. If you’ve never celebrated the Chinese New Year before or photographed it-it’s just awesome and so much fun. Come join us-see the link for Adorama.

Joe D

One response to “Chinese New Year

  1. Hey Joe, 1-21-2013
    my name is Alison Chayka. George Skrba was my best friend. i had a stroke & i rented a room from him i knew him for 10 years he was a regular customer at a place called bella boutique in andover nj. where he went tanning to help his PTSD. weekly i saw him & became great friends through the years. i also went to his gigs. it was a blessing because he took me in after having a stroke in april the year he passed. he took me to doctors appts. helped me & i helped him he had a hard time since his divoce & his family all but his daughter vanessa who had just had his first grandson virtually disowned him. it made me sooo sad. he came down with a verry bad flu & chest cold the week he passed. he was coughing up blood on friday & went to see his dr. that next day which was sat.( was put right on heavy antibiotics & told to get a chest x-ray that following monday.) then came sunday right before thanksgiving & i walked by his bed room i had been checking on him all day noticed he wasnt snoring. he had passed away in his sleep i called 911 a wonderful police officer who knew him by name did cpr all the way to newton hospital by the time they got there he had a pulse. the officer i & the neighbor who knew george since the day he moved to ogdensburg were begging him to hold on to see his brand new grandson but he never regained conciousness . he passed away at home in his own bed & god bless him he looked so peaceful unfortunately he suffered so much pain in his life but was a wonderful caring man who got dealt a rough hand in life. he deserved a proper burial & military service he was a proud american soldier of vietnam & saved many lives. he is an angel now & im proud to say he was my best friend. we had each other when everyone diserted us when we needed friends & family the most. please respond to me id love to speak to you about george. thankyou. sincerly,
    Alison Chayka

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