Pete Seeger

© Joe DiMaggio

Last night I was pleasantly surprised to see my old friend Pete Seeger looking young and vibrant. I met Pete for the first time in 66— oops, I’m only 29— somebody’s not telling the truth. There is an expression that is overused, and that expression is “he or she is one-of-a -kind.” Let me be perfectly clear; there is only one Pete Seeger, and there will never be a second. He is truly one of the greatest human beings God put on this earth. At 93, he sounds like he’s 53.

To all the ships at sea, get a glass of wine, a beer, or cup of coffee, and sit down and listen to a a little bit of Pete Seeger’s music. By the way, he’s got a new book coming out and I certainly will be purchasing one

© Joe DiMaggio

© JoAnne Kalish

2 responses to “Pete Seeger

  1. I always figured that if there were another one or maybe two Pete Seegers on earth then we would already have peace on this great planet. I’ve never met him, but he is an inspiration.

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