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©Joe DiMaggio

When I think of the name Peter Poremba, I think light.  For most of Peter’s adult life, he has been involved in perfecting electronic flash and photo-education.  He is head and shoulders above all of his competitors.  An extremely creative business person and always thinking out-of-the-box.  His clientele always comes first.  He’s also a very nice guy, has a beautiful wife and a gorgeous daughter.  It doesn’t get better than that.  While Peter and I were at a design meeting at Sartek with Carl Saieva, I was explaining mixed-light and how I utilize it in my photography.  I did a quick and dirty portrait of Peter, which is the lead shot of this blog.  It was shot with an 85mm lens, but in actuality it was done with a 11mm to 16mm zoom.  I just wanted to have a little fun with the crop.  Hopefully there’s a little bit to learn about perspective.  I’m certainly not saying you should throw away your portrait lens!  But in a pinch, one camera, one lens, two batteries, two cards, and a little imagination… Oh, did I forgot the light?  The most important thing!  On our trip back, we made it through Suffolk,  Nassau County, and Queens in light-speed.  Unbeknownst to us, we got three and a half miles from the GWB and there was an overturned vehicle and three trucks with three workmen drinking their coffee and smoking cigarettes while working on the side of the road.  Peter would tell you it took 59 minutes, I would tell you it took an eternity.  Then again, I’m a little older than Peter.  Time is very valuable.  Joe D signing off!

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©Joe DiMaggio

©Joe DiMaggio

©Joe DiMaggio

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