Dive Light Action

©Joe DiMaggio

I met Carl many years ago when I was doing a lot of diving.  In a short period of time, I managed to do 600 dives.  I met Carl at Beneath the Sea (we corresponded voice and email up until then).  He asked me what types of lights I used underwater and I told him.  He said “You could use a new light.”  I said “I don’t think so.”  He proceeded to turn on his HID light and smash it on a counter three times with no damage.  I said “You’re right, I do need that light!”  Thus became our relationship.  Carl is an absolute genius.  As important as that is, he understands what people want and need.  I would be remiss if I didn’t say he over-bills.  The Sartek light below is good to 320 ft.  I said “Carl, I need it for the rain!”  I guess it could rain at over 300 feet.  Carl is the inventor and designer of the Gr-Pro Flat Port which converts your Go-Pro into a much better camera for above and underwater usage.  He modified my two super magnets to take the Manfrotto head and the Sartek light (in 30 minutes by the way).  If anybody needs custom lighting, anything above or below the water, Carl is the man.  It’s nice to have smart friends…  I’ve head that before haven’t I?  You can meet Carl March 24th and 25th at Beneath the Sea.  Tell him Joe sent you.

Manfrotto Website
Dynalite Website
Sartek Website 

©Joe DiMaggio

©Joe DiMaggio

©Joe DiMaggio

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