Ralph, The Cheesecake King

©Ralph Mocciola

Good afternoon Marie-Vic and the rest of the photo team,

Thank you for the Link…. Marie-Vic  As you know we did not win the lottery….. I think Joe’s mind was in negative territory and not positive for a win…., but there will be a next time.  Here are a few of my photos of that day.

Have a great day and many more workshops with Joe.  Every time I think I know a lot about photography Joe and Dylan instruct me on so much more and I realize there is so much more to learn by them.

Thanks Guys….  See you in April for another NYC photographic experience.


There are many advantages to having students like Ralph.  The first advantage is that he makes a homemade cheesecake which in my opinion is the finest cheesecake in the world.  If I had a spare two or three million dollars, I would love to bring his cheesecake to the entire planet.  Oh, by the way…  He’s an extremely fine photographer, and getting better all the time.  Now as for his ability to pick a winning lotto number, well I’m not going there…  Ralph, cant wait to see you at  the next photo retreat.  JoeD

P.S. If it isn’t obvious, Ralph is an expert with NIK software.  It’s so much fun it should be illegal!

©Ralph Mocciola

©Ralph Mocciola

©Ralph Mocciola

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