©Joe DiMaggio

To all the ships at sea, I have never considered myself a matchmaker, but I’ve broken tradition.  I introduced two of my very close friends Peter Poremba and Carl Saieva.  The concept came to me about ten years ago, but it happened last year.  Peter is the president and CEO of Dynalite.  In my personal opinion, they’re the best lights in the world.  Penny for penny, pound for pound I’ve never had a failure with them.  I have units that go back over 20 years and they still work perfectly.  “Made in America.”  I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that peter is an electronic whiz kid and he’s never afraid of getting his hands dirty.  A rare combination in this day and age.  He’s also well… never mind.  It’s an inside joke.

Carl Saieva is a design engineer, a lighting pioneer, and a world-class cave diver.  Carl has an amazing ability to put his hand on his chin, make an instant decision, and then go to his workbench and build a prototype in a couple of hours.  It is truly magic.  For purposes of this blog, I will intentionally keep the exact build specifications hush-hush.  What I will say is when you put two very bright people in a room together for a mere eight hours, sometimes you come up with a much better mouse trap.  Wow, It’s great to have smart friends.

Dynalite’s Website
Sartek’s Website 

©Joe DiMaggio

©Joe DiMaggio

©Joe DiMaggio

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