Chinese New Year. A Very Special Day.

Copyright Joe DiMaggio

When we booked this years Chinese New Year photographic workshop, I was happy yet tentative.  The New Years celebration in New York is only outdone by San Francisco and of course Beijing.  This year, we had a magnificent group of students.  All young, all bright, all driven to make several fine photographs.  And the year of the dragon was really good to us.  Spring type weather, bright sun, deep shade, great front and back-light photos, and the largest crown I’ve seen in many years.  That’s the good news and the bad news.  Extremely difficult to negotiate the streets, but we marched around like we belonged there (and of course we did).  It was a great day.  It ended with some hot tea and great round-table discussion.  I keep telling you: I’m a lucky guy.  Will follow-up with additional photography in the next few days.

Gleason’s Workshop March 25th.  Another very special day!  Oh, by the by, Chinese New Year is our anniversary, every year.

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