Author and Friend – Jess E. Weiss

Jess Weiss with Russell Brand at Operation Warrior Wellness

I guess no one would be surprised to say you only have one mother and father but you can have numerous heroes and mentors.  I’ve had a few over the years, including John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther Kind Jr.. The question for me is how many true heroes have you met?  Author, Jess Weiss is a combination of my brother, father, Rabbi, Priest, and close friend.  He is also a true hero.  When my dad and mom passed away I went to Jess, when my brother passed away I went to Jess, and lastly when my son passed away who did I go to – Jess of course. To say jess, is a visionary or a prophet is an understatement. Jess is a man with so much love, warmth, and passion in his heart and soul and he shares it with everybody on a no charge basis.  His latest book “Warrior to Spiritual Warrior: The Soldier’s Journey” is an absolute must read for everyone. 

The 25th Anniversary Edition of the Original   Groundbreaking Chronicle of Near-Death Experiences.                           
              THE VESTIBULE                                     
              Jess E. Weiss
In 1972, three years before Raymond Moody’s Life after Life and twenty years before Betty J. Eadie’s Embraced by the Light, Jess E. Weiss edited and wrote the groundbreaking book that answered the age-old question, “What happens when we die?” Now Pocket Books will publish the 25th Anniversary Edition of Weiss’s THE VESTIBULE (a Pocket Books Trade Paperback).
     THE VESTIBULE was one of the first books to broach the subject of life after death and record experiences of those who died and then returned. It is a collection of remarkable stories told by men and women who were pronounced dead, only to return to their bodies and resume living.  Their reports of journeying to death are so vivid, so full of joy and peace, and so startlingly alike that they give overwhelming evidence for the survival of the spirit after life. “The purpose and motive of THE VESTIBULE is to establish with more certainty that there is an afterlife,” wrote Jess Weiss, “thereby alleviating fully or to a degree the sting of death.”
      Since publication, THE VESTIBULE has been used extensively in hospices for the terminally ill for its comforting and healing message. Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, The prominent physician and bestselling author of On Death and Dying, used Weiss’s book in her workshops to reassure dying patients and their families, and thousands of people around the world found solace in the accounts in Weiss’s book. “I cannot express on paper the feelings I felt while reading your book,” wrote one grateful reader. “Your book showed me that death is not frightening for the ill person. He welcomes it, after all that he has been through. For me, the subject of death no longer makes me tremble.”
      Forever timely, THE VESTIBULE has been, is, and will continue to be a Spiritual guidepost for every person, leading to a greater understanding of life and Death … and the afterlife.
POCKET BOOKS-A division of Simon & Schuster Inc-1972, 1997
Liz Hartman, Director of Publicity, 

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