It Was The Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times Part I

My best friend, and partner tells me that my blog should be used for photographic information only. Even though I have the utmost respect for her,  I’m sneaking behind her back on this.

Recently, I’ve had some good experiences with companies that stand behind their products. For instance, I had a 13 year old ladder that had a lifetime guarantee and it just broke. I called Home Depot and  told them my ladder broke. The customer service person said the company was out of business and they no longer carry those ladders, but if I’d like to come in they’d give me 50% off a new ladder. So I went in and picked out a ladder. Much to my surprise when I went to checkout, there was a green sticker on the ladder and the cashier said it was paid for. The manager saw fit to make sure I left a happy camper. This young lady understood that she’s not just selling ladders but is selling a service, and a happy satisfied customer translates not only into future sales but the best advertising in the world, which is word of mouth.

To be continued…

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