It Never Snows in Amalfi

Hi to all the Ships at Sea,


Both JoAnne and I are putting together the cover art for our new, exciting, travel adventure, photographic DVD. Yes, I am the King of the run-on sentence, sorry. The above photo JoAnne took of me with one of my students in Amalfi, which is helping the photographer re-think the options that he may have. Let’s remember one thing, when I’m teaching a workshop, when I’m giving a lecture on a TV show/internet TV show, what you’re getting is my opinion, it is not necessarily a fact and it is not cast in bronze, brass or gold, it’s just my opinion. Because I am one the luckiest people in the world, my opinion has been formed with the knowledge of some of the greatest photographers in the world, W. Gene Smith, Carl Mydans, Alfred Eisenstaedt, John Dominis, Irving Penn and the list goes on and on. I believe artists, regardless of the medium, whether it be oil ,watercolor, pen and ink, poetry, a novel the blues or the jazz, no one goes out with the idea of copying someone else. But “OUR” ability to learn from each other is critical, it’s simple communication. It’s really not about F-stops and apertures. It’s really how we see, what we see, what we look for-and then go to the next level. You can think of photography, videography and filmmaking as probably the most important thing in the world of communication. And oh my God, let’s not forget the Ernest Hemingway’s, the Budd Schulberg’s, the Elia Kazan’s, the Al Maysles. For most of us it will just be plain fun and in this complicated, sometimes bizarre world, fun and a light moment may just keep us alive a bit longer. This blog started out very light and airy and I have no idea how it got so serious.

Health and Happiness to Everyone, Great Shooting.
Joe D

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