© Joe DiMaggio

© Joe DiMaggio

Why would anybody put up this genre of photograph in June when obviously the photograph as taken in the dead of winter? That’s funny, I asked myself the same question. There are two basic reasons: the first is I just found this photo I had been trying to find for the last few years for my book, so I scanned it and now you have an opportunity to see it, and the second is I just liked the feeling. It makes me feel warm. Two lovers outside a coffeehouse in Greenwich Village. Very cold and snowy night. One grabbed shot, EOS camera, 85 1.2, ISO 200, 1/60th at f2. No rhyme or reason, I just like it.

I love the cold!/I’m a lying bastard!

©Joe DiMaggio

Hi everybody,

I’ve always been extremely fond of macro lenses. As a matter of fact, I’ve shot more covers with a macro lens than probably any other piece of glass. For instance, macros are great for boxing. Why? Because traditionally, the lenses are deeply reset and the maximun aperture f/2.8 is a great f stop for boxing, fast enough, and enough depth of field to make the photo. Thank God they don’t have boxing outside in the wintertime anyway! The droplet of water, as simple as you can get, tack sharp. If you have a long macro lens, maybe you can even stay inside and shoot it. Stay warm, it’s only two more months before spring!

©JoAnne Kalish