Why Will Yuri Foreman Win on June 5, 2010?

I make it a practice of never gambling on boxing matches or horse races for that matter. I try not to predict winners, it’s just not what I do. With this upcoming WBA Junior Welterweight Fight, it’s simple and straight forward; Yuri Foreman is bigger, stronger, faster, moves better left, right, back, and forward. He is never a stationary target and is always a moving offense. I forgot something- he’s probably the most dedicated trained fighter I’ve ever seen. I believe he will win convincingly. I hope for the safety of both fighters, it’s a great fight, and no one gets hurt.

© Joe DiMaggio
Tech Information: 24-70 mm @24 ISO 50, 30th of a second, F/8
tweak down strobe light 3/4 stop

© Joe DiMaggio
Tech Information: Yuri Foreman Shadow Boxing 24-20mm f/2.8 ISO 50
1,000th of a second at f/2.8 approximately 80mm