Why Will Yuri Foreman Win on June 5, 2010?

I make it a practice of never gambling on boxing matches or horse races for that matter. I try not to predict winners, it’s just not what I do. With this upcoming WBA Junior Welterweight Fight, it’s simple and straight forward; Yuri Foreman is bigger, stronger, faster, moves better left, right, back, and forward. He is never a stationary target and is always a moving offense. I forgot something- he’s probably the most dedicated trained fighter I’ve ever seen. I believe he will win convincingly. I hope for the safety of both fighters, it’s a great fight, and no one gets hurt.

© Joe DiMaggio
Tech Information: 24-70 mm @24 ISO 50, 30th of a second, F/8
tweak down strobe light 3/4 stop

© Joe DiMaggio
Tech Information: Yuri Foreman Shadow Boxing 24-20mm f/2.8 ISO 50
1,000th of a second at f/2.8 approximately 80mm

One response to “Why Will Yuri Foreman Win on June 5, 2010?

  1. Joe,A lot of press buildup on this fight–even the Wall St. Journal has had two stories on it this week! Will you be there?Rob Harrigan

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