It’s 5 Degrees and We Have Moved!!

I was brought into the digital world  kicking, screaming wetting my pants. The concept of digital was unacceptable. I now have over 40 terabytes of 0’s and 1’s. It’s frightening. My IT specialist, my studio manager, and my partner all insist that I take this blog down. We’re going to do it!…against my will. It’s like an iPhone; I can’t stand it, but I have to have it. So I am going to leave you temporarily with the new link and I am going to share one or two photos with you. While looking for a photo for my memoirs I stumbled across this farm in South Africa. Beautiful light, beautiful color and it’s not 5 degrees out. To all the ships at sea, please stay warm I wish you all happy lives. Follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

If you have a digital habit and visit this blog, the new blog is now up and running at

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