Pete Seeger


©Joe DiMaggio

To all the ships at sea, approximately two months ago I did a program at B&H Photography called all things in photography are a compromise. The one thing I would like to make perfectly clear; that is not an excuse for me not to do my best. For that matter, it should not be an excuse for anyone to not do their best. Sometimes your best isn’t really up to code. Attached to this blog is a link to a short film on the great, beautiful, Pete Seeger. It was a work in progress and it was never designed to be published in its present format, but given the fact that Pete has moved to the next level of consciousness, please forgive my one-handed blind shooting. No, I did not intentionally cut his head off but the real sin is the microphone was not tweaked as it should have been. Translated: I had no assistant, no sound man, no PA, and no tripod. However, none of those things are an excuse.







2 responses to “Pete Seeger

  1. I didn’t cry when my father died 25 years ago. I didn’t cry when my mother died a year ago. I cried when my dog died 12 years ago and when our cat died 5 years ago. I cried two days ago when Pete Seeger died.

    Evidently, I cry at the departure of pure spirits and unconditionally loving relationships.

    The night Pete died, on Nightline they did a piece on Justin Bieber and nothing about Pete. I don’t cry, but probably should, at the absurd priorities created by popular culture as interest is promoted in the meaningless and vapid and courage and authenticity are given short shrift. We need a better world. We need the world that Pete dreamed for us all, a world of peace, respect, virtue and love.

    Raise your songs and spread your love in Heaven, Blessed Pete and Toshi Seeger. And watch for my dog and cat to come to you; they both know your music.

    Thank you, Joe DiMaggio.

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