It’s All Good

Hi to All the Ships at Sea,

Let’s see if I got this right-I don’t like Photoshop, right? Right. I don’t like software where you can manipulate images…right? Right. I believe everything should be done in the camera…right? Right. Never crop, right? Right. Less is more, right? Right. Digital will be just like 8-tracks, it’ll never last. So let’s check out the reality, I guess it’s impossible to be right all the time.

The photograph of this young lady catching a cod-fish off the coast of Prince Edward Island, up until today, was flat, muddy, indistinguishable and almost two stops under. There’s a technical  term in photography for a photo like this…it’s blank blank blank blank. Well through a little bit of work in Photoshop and NIK software it came alive.  The young lady’s name  is JoAnne Kalish.

All the Best,

Joe D

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3 responses to “It’s All Good

  1. I don’t know much about Photoshop.  I don’t own a computer.  I write e-mails on the local library’s computer, and I’ll continue to do so, — until I’m sure that the computer fad catches on.  D


  2. Joe, above with the picture of the girl, you made a comment relating to cropping. As a beginner, I am asking why not crop the photo to bring out just the subject that you want to produce? For example I just shot some pictures of horses with riders at a show. I wanted to get rid of unneeded parts of the photo. Is that wrong to do?

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