Formula One Archives

©Luca Bruno

©Luca Bruno

© 2012 Joe DiMaggio

© 2012 Joe DiMaggio

Hi to all the Ships at Sea,

Much to my surprise, while I was going through the CORBIS archives on the Formula One photographs on the Austin, Texas race, there was a shot of the back of my head and my ponytail photographing Scuderia Ferrari, Fernando Alonso, and of course the beautiful American flag on my back. It was an honor to be assigned to shoot the race. I take my beret off to Luca Bruno, a world-class shooter who captured this moment. He knows a great ponytail when he sees one.

All the best,

Joe D

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4 responses to “Formula One Archives

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  2. Hey Joe! Will you be present at this year’s edition of the US F1 Grand Prix? It was an enjoyable race last year, don’t you agree? What camera are you using? Nice photos!

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