Adorama Pixs Books

I just received a shipment of two new books from Adorama pics. There are very few things that amaze me and knock me on my ass. The quality of the books, the paper, and the binding are magnificent. That’s a strange adjective to use, but over all they just blow me away. When you realize the price is minuscule, that adds to the overall experience. Their web page is so easy to navigate even I can do it. Anyone who has been to my lectures/workshops knows I am not the most technically savvy person. Let me be perfectly clear, I do not work for or own Adorama, I am just another customer. By the way their customer service is impeccable, and shipping is extremely quick. It seems like everybody is an expert at everything; I am not. I love what I do, and now having the ability to create books that not only I enjoy, I also have them as great teaching tools.

The environmental portrait of Willie Nelson was done at 200mm, 1.8 lens at a 2/50o of a sec at 1.8 iso 500 on a gitzo monopod.

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