A Great Workshop Gleason’s Four

On Sunday March 25, I had one of the largest hands on workshops we’ve ever had. It was sponsored by Adorama and supported by Gealson’s gym. I have a big tank you for Monica Sipnic and Bruce Silverglade; the owner of Gleason’s. While I am thanking everyone, thank you Peter Poremba-CEO of Dynalite, JoAnne Kalish-president of DimaggioKalish-Learning center, Larry Malang, and of course all of the students who contributed to making it an overall great day!



One response to “A Great Workshop Gleason’s Four

  1. Mr. Dimaggio

    I was training at the Gleason’s Gym Sunday morning during this workshop and was hoping you would be able to tell me if the pictures that were taken would be available to view on online and if not would it be possible to send them to me?

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