Alternative Lighting

Copyright Dylan DiMaggio

To all the ships at sea.  If you ever have watched a true craftsman working on a 150 year old piece of oak and converting it to a gorgeous piece of furniture, what you quickly realize is that it’s all about his or her experience and their ability to utilize the tools of the trade.  While producing a 1 minute spot for CBS, I approached it with traditional lighting and after two shoots, I decided to utilize two different Sartek underwater lights.  For a few different reasons: Number one, the quality of light is a consistent 5800 kelvin.  The burn time on the LED light is approximately 20+ hours.  The angle of the beam gives me broad enough light to cover the ice formations from above, and also below.  Obviously not at the same time.  Oops! I forgot, I do have two lights.  Carl Saieva is not only a great cave diver, and a super business person, but a fantastic design engineer.  He has created these lights for use under 300 feet which is great, but when I dive I stay above 120 feet.  95% of all of the footage is 1080I.  There are a few isolated stills.  I’ll follow this blog up in a week with Carls mini-light which I utilize on the Go-Pro to get the camera and the light under the ice. JoeD

Copyright Joe DiMaggio

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