Simply Elegant

Copyright Andrew Ehrlich

I met Andrew Ehrlich approximately thirty years ago.  Andrew worked not only as my assistant, but as my studio manager.  He loaded my camera on some of the most important shoots of my career.  We became much more than a photographer and an assistant.  I consider him part of my family and vice versa.  Andrew went to NYU film school and went onto a career as a staff photographer with Avis and traveled all over the world.  Andrew now has a beautiful wife and three dynamic kids.  He is an extremely successful business man.  On super major shoots, Andrew comes out of his retirement and works with me even today.  I just received the above photograph in an email and when I looked at it my heart stopped.  It is simple, it is clean, it is elegant, it is dynamic, and it is everything in a photograph that I love to see.  I am totally elated when I see one of my protegés shoot something this magnificent.  Andrew thanks for sending it and well see you Chinese New Year.  JoeD

One response to “Simply Elegant

  1. Simply inspiring… Hats off to Andrew!

    The ghosted image of the seagull adds just the right amount of life into image…



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