Six Weeks in Europe Plus

Photo Copyright Dylan DiMaggio

I’m welcoming myself back.  Both JoAnne and I have been in Europe for the past six weeks.  On Sunday, three days after our return, we had a fantastic private workshop in lower Manhattan for the Plymouth Digital Photographers.  Like every workshop, each takes on a life of its own.  We had an amazing group of photographers from Massachusetts, Maine, and Rhode Island.  Extremely knowledgeable, and from what I could see, some fine photographers.  I learned an awful lot and am looking forward to our next get-together.  The only downside to the program, in my opinion, is that it was too short.  Hopefully we will rectify this next time.

There’s an old cliché: “honesty is the best policy”.  I’m still recovering from jet-lag and being hit with the news that an old friend has succumbed to liver cancer is not making this any easier for me.  I had the pleasure of photographing Joe Frazier on several occasions over the last thirty years.  He was the consummate gentleman, an absolute straight shooter, and an overall great person.  Oh and, I almost forgot to mention, one of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time.  I had an opportunity to film Joe at Gleason’s Gym in Brooklyn approximately eighteen months ago where Joe was kind enough to agree to be apart of my documentary “In This Corner”.  We spent an entire hour in the dressing room just catching up and shooting the proverbial.

Once I get my head screwed on straight I’ll do a follow-up blog on “Smokin’ Joe”.  For all the photographers in Sundays program, forgive me for bouncing around, I think that’s just what I do.  Call it genetics.  For all the ships at sea, we’ll try to get back into a rhythm after my one more assignment and two more workshops in the next 3 days.  Joe D.

Photo Copyright Joe DiMaggio

Photo Copyright Joe DiMaggio

Photo Copyright Joe DiMaggio

Photo Copyright Joe DiMaggio


One response to “Six Weeks in Europe Plus

  1. Joe thank you so much for the kind words for our group, thank You, JoAnne and Dylan for guiding us around the city, packed with information, sites, and a glimpse into the artist’s perspective and eye. It was wonderful thank you all! Even though you both were running on empty from just getting back you would never have known it, the cd is great also!! Always great to be “exposed” to different things!

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