My Favorite Tech Rep Rudy Winston

Tech Rep Rudy Winston

You spend 30 years perfecting your style, your visual literacy, the way you communicate with people. All of the things that make you a credible photographer and filmmaker. Then you take on the responsibility of a mentor. It is a very serious undertaking. Your students expect you to know all the answers to all the problems. The reality is you don’t know all the answers to all the problems. So who do the mentors go for help? You go to somebody who is smarter than you are and knows virtually everything about not only his products but the competition’s products. That person for me is Rudy Winston. So let’s be clear right now. You’re not getting his phone number or his e mail so let’s get that out of the way.

I’ve known Rudy for over 15 years. He’s not only a fine photographer, great teacher, great tech rep but great husband and father also. Rudy always has a few minutes to make very complicated matters extremely simple. Simple enough for me to understand. I think if Rudy went into politics he’d be able to solve some problems that other people just can’t seem to deal with he’s that good. So when people want to know who I go to – Rudy’s my Go-To guy.

Having said that Rudy has a beautiful daughter and his daughter’s name is Ciana and out of all the wonderful condolence cards and letters I received for my son Joseph, this one stands out. Rudy you did another great job! By the way, thanks to Chuck and Steve for your condolences also.

Ciana's Artwork


Photo ©Rudy Winston










©Rudy Winston

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