Shark Week, August 9, 2011.

                                                                                                                                                                                ©Dylan DiMaggio 2005

Normally During Shark week my phone constantly rings off the hook.  Purely by accident, after I downloaded all of my individual hard drives into the sixteen terabyte Wiebetech RTX, I stumbled across some photographs in South Africa that were taken while filming my documentary for Shark Week a few years ago.  I’ve been photographing and filming sharks since 1974.

      Copyright Joe DiMaggio  Photo of 3,427 lb Great White Shark with son Dylan DiMaggio and Captain Frank Mundus

W. Gene Smith once told me, that a Great Photo does not require a Caption.  OK, so I guess this is not a great photo. The photo is of my son Dylan DiMaggio, Captain Frank Mundus and last but not least is the world’s largest Great White Shark ever caught on Rod and Reel, a 3,427 Pound Great White. If you look at Frank’s hand and make an imaginary line to the tooth below his hand, you will see the 3 teeth I was given for my photography that was over and above the line of duty.

To All The Ships At Sea: Always remember to watch where you swim, the ocean is theirs.

Joe D.

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