Backstage Passes

This particular workshop will be unlike any other workshop ever conducted by Joe DiMaggio. Each team member will be expected to shoot 6 or 7 variations on the Bobby Kyle Band; an environmental portrait, an action shot and a candid. The end result will be a final selection of one great photo from each workshop participant. They will be expected to sign a release and they will be the owner of the copyright. Bobby will also have to right to use that photo for the internet, CD or DVD. The photo must not be any larger than 100 dpi. Each participant will have access to some very fast long lenses which will allow them to hopefully push the envelope. Unlike any other workshop, this one will start in the afternoon and go until quite late. The concert will start at 8:00 P.M. There will be rooms available at both Greeley Inn and a few B&B’s in the area. Please visit

This workshop will be quite small and it will be first come
first serve. Looking forward to seeing you. Thanks. Joe D

©Joe DiMaggio

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