Gleason’s Workshop

©Dylan DiMaggio

I remember the first time I walked into Gleason’s gym in 1972. The sights, the sounds, the smell- it was pretty amazing. When I was working with Sports Illustrated and Gerry Cooney, I spent an awful lot of time there in the late 70s and I decided I was going to do a documentary on boxing. Thus was born, a five year project, “In This Corner”. I brought my class to Gleason’s and it was pretty amazing. They got with the program really quickly. Several gigs of photos were done and from what I can see, some of them are very good. This may be the last Joe DiMaggio/ Gleason’s workshop in the front street location. Gleason’s, born in 1937, will be relocating several blocks away. When? We don’t know. I’d like to share a photo taken by Adrian. Special thanks to my friend Bruce Silverglade, who was kind enough to allow our class in.

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