Great Photographer, Great Friend, and Survivor

Photo Copyright Don Nelson

To All the ships at Sea
If you know me, you know I tend to repeat myself. It’s what I do. I’ve told you before I’m the luckiest guy in the world. I’ve got the best friends anyone could ask for. My friendship and respect for Don Nelson goes back a long way. He is truly a hero to me. He is bright, tough and never gives up. Great photographer; and a great friend. We all could learn by his courage.
Joe D.
About Don –

“My 23 years as a Nikon rep represent my times of most accomplishments. Calling on the large camera stores, the White House, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, AP, UPI, USA TODAY and being a staff photographer for the Redskins for six years brought me closer to understanding the needs of photojournalists. Washington, DC, the photojournalists’ headquarters taught and tested me. It was a good time. In 1987 I resigned to buy a business in Nashville. My sons were in high school at the time and after several years my business in Nashville failed. It was time to be back in the photo (equipment) business. I went to work for Pentax and moved from Nashville area down to the Atlanta area of Georgia. I worked for them for fourteen years until my cancer (Hodgkins) was discovered in 2005. After chemo,
radiation, and stem cell transplant I’m quietly getting ready to move back to the Nashville area. Our sons (2), Scott and Jeffrey still live there. It’ll be good to be convenient to them. My favorite photography is scenic in nature. Slow shutter speeds at dawn; in the attached photo the shutter speed was at 123 seconds.”
This is a photo of my friend Don Nelson Copyright Bob Dew

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