Best Damn Non-Slip Camera Straps

I’m always amazed by how live takes strange turns and bends. Life seems to have a mind of it’s own. The day JoAnne and I got married on the beach in Centerport, NY when one of my crazy neighbors crashed the wedding. Actually, it was two brothers, Doug Stegmeyer and Al Stegmeyer. Doug was the bass guitar player for Billy Joel, and Al was a worold class music engineer, and their mother Peggy was and still is a piano teacher – who buys Rainbows.

I photographed Doug many times over the years and Al and I became friends. Then, one day, Al moved away and I didn’t see him for a long, long time. You know how life is. It takes those strange turns. One day I ran into him and he was making camera straps, which I thought was kind of crazy. Al was nice enough to send me one. It’s called the UPstrap best damn strap I’ve ever had on a camera. Subsequently, I bought a few more. If you need a great camera strap, check out Al’s strap.

Al’s still making straps, Peggy’s teaching music, and Doug’s playing bass in heaven.

Photos ©JoAnne Kalish

Al Stegmeyer’s non-slip straps –

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