December 6, 2009

Leave it to me to do the December 6th blog on December 21. It says an awful lot for my organizational skills. If you can’t critique yourself who the hell can you critique? The last Adorama Holiday Workshop was one of the all time best workshops. I had great students who really put forth a super effort. The end result was some great photos, which is what it’s all about! I did a lot of teaching about portraiture, both candid and otherwise. We got lucky at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral and stayed for over an hour. We had a full-blown choir and regardless of your religious beliefs filling that space with great music and beautiful voices is certainly uplifting. I’ll end on a technical note. In the above photograph you’ll see us working with the Lastolite professional model reflectors. There are dozens of reflectors out there but we choose Lastolite because of their size, shape, weight distribution, and ease of use. You can come up with many different photographic results whether you’re photographing a a beautiful model or using it for a gobo to photograph a flower or spectral highlights in a wide shot. I know of three students who went back to Adorama on Monday and purchased the Lastolite reflectors. They tell me they love them.

One response to “December 6, 2009

  1. Hey Joe!! It's Chell your cute little model from SC. Me and my friend Meredith had so much fun hanging out with you!! Even though I just signed up for the class to have "FUN" and see the city I still learned as lot. Mostly I learned it's cold as hell in NY in December but it was the most beautiful place Ive seen too!! It was breath taking and magical!! If we come back to visit we will look you up and go grab some great pizza again!! Thanks again and have a great 2010!! Chell Mullis

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