December 20

To All the Ships at Sea

After my family and friends I guess the only thing that is truly meaningful to me is my work and I take it very seriously. Yesterday, December 20th, was going to be the last workshop for 2009 but my team and I had a conference call and we made a decision to postpone the Workshop until next Sunday. It was an extremely difficult decision. I was born and raised in New York City and I know that on a snowy day New York takes on this amazing glow. It’s like a white frame and if you know how to photograph in the snow your photos can be truly stunning. However, in the interest of safety, there was a level of danger for everyone to physically get to Central Park as people were coming from all over. When the sun came out at 11 o’clock I started to second-guess my decision but it was reinforced by others. So we’ll kick ass and take names next Sunday. To all our friends Happy Holidays & A Better New Year!

Ace & I decided to go for a walk in the snow & enjoy the day anyway ©’09 Joe DiMaggio

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