Old Glory – Not a Cliché

© Joe DiMaggio All Rights Reserved

In reality many photos are considered clichés The Empire State Building, The Arc de Triomphe the Great Wall of China, Lady Liberty, a sunrise, and a sunset. All can be considered clichés. You would think for an American the American Flag would be a cliché but not to me. The American Flag has beautiful colors, great design, balance and when the wind blows right it has powerful stance.  While on a run, one day, I came across this flag blowing and as Bob Dylan would say “Blowing in the Wind.”  I spent one or two minutes observing it. I made a photograph that was intentionally high key with one of my favorite filters the Singh Ray high intensity. I designed the “V” for victory and had one of my assistants assemble it in Photoshop for me.  For me it’s simple clean and elegant.  Thank you Betsy Ross & Dr. Singh