Retail Therapy at TACA

david morel photo - Nashville Fine Art Photography

Today, I had an opportunity to do one of my favorite types of shoots that I do. My wife and I went to the TACA Craft Fair here in Nashville, TN. I enjoy walking among the booths, viewing the different crafts presented by the artists and making images, typically abstracts. I like to call such shooting “Retail Therapy”. I am spending time with my wife, I am shooting, and an image opportunities abound!  I try to ask the vendors if they would mind if I take an image, most don’t mind, a lot ask for me to send them a copy. Below are some of the images I captured at this year’s show…


The above display of pottery pieces was in the booth of Sandra, from In The Stix Studio, of Norris TN.  The two images below are of pottery pieces by Martin Paschall. Martin is a very interesting…

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