Ann, Don’t Forget to Call

Hi to all the Ships at Sea,

For anyone who didn’t know, Ann Raine was a great photographer, an absolute lovely human being, and a brilliant business women. She had the unique ability to adapt to any and all situations. Last Saturday she made an executive decision to take a long trip. There’s no doubt in my mind that everyone she touches on that trip will fall in love with her. We’ll still be able to talk to her – it’ll just be a slightly different conversation. It’s a little known fact that she was the first member of our Board of Directors – she of course, will continue to be on the Board. When we have our meetings, she will have a vote.

She paid me a compliment once and thanked me for everything that I taught her. In reality, she taught me more. Many of you including Dennis Wheeler, Hugh Brodie, Bobby Kyle, Brian Struble, Larry Malang, David Kenny, Linda Pederson, Dan Horton, Jeff Thomas, John Dryzga, Ralph Mocciola, Monica Cipnic, Dylan, JoAnne Kalish, Lourdes Merson and to be quite honest with you a few hundred others would like to wish you an amazing journey.

Keep that smile on your face and your camera close to your heart. Remember to open up 2 stops for back light.

Joe D & Ann Raine© Linda Pederson

All the Best,

Joe D

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One response to “Ann, Don’t Forget to Call

  1. Dear Joe, I am so deeply saddened about hearing that Ann Raine is no longer with us. I knew and admired Ann when I was a member of the WPS Photo Club. I will continue to follow her photography on Better Photo as well on her personal photography websites. I feel so disconnected that I do not even know what happened to Ann. Please write to me and let me know what happened to her. Please explain your phrase that Ann made an executive decision to go on a long trip.
    Carol F. Austin

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