Johnny Eye

Hi to all the Ships at Sea,

One of the greatest sports photographers of our time, is John Iacono. I like to think of Johnny as the guaranteed man,no matter what the situation, whatever the weather conditions, lighting conditions, hot or cold, near of far, Johnny always delivers great photographs. There is no doubt in my mind that he has to be the nicest guy in the world. So much for Leo Durocher “Nice guys finish last.” Johnny finished first , most of the time. I’m proud to call him my friend. We’ve worked on many assignments over the years together and it’s always a pleasure.And not for anything, ya gotta love those brown eyes.

p.s. I don’t think he was happy with me sticking a camera in his face.

All the best,

Joe D

©Joe DiMaggio

©Joe DiMaggio

Visual Impressions with Joe DiMaggio, Sponsored by Adorama
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