So Who Do I Ask?

© 2010 Dylan DiMaggio

Here’s the Question – Bert who do you like in the Chavez vs Martinez Fight? Imaginary Answer – “Uncle Joe what’s wrong with you and how many years have you followed boxing? How many world championship fights have you photographed and you come to me for the answers?”  Bert speaking, ” if I’m not mistaken at one point, you almost had a perfect record in guessing the outcome of a boxing match – well maybe not perfect, you may have gotten one or two right out of 60 or 70 fights.  The big joke at the fights was – whoever DiMaggio picked the other guy was sure to win.”  “So now you come to me and the “Bertster” is suppose to have the answer.  Well Uncle Joe, Sergio Martinez is going to take him apart like a cheap suit. Unless of course, he gets real lucky with an overhand right. Enough of this foolishness, I have three deadlines and I will see you at the fight.”

Bert, I genuinely miss you so I’ll smoke a cigar and have a double Cutty Sark and yes, I won’t be wearing socks.

The fight game will never be the same without you. No disrespect to Roy Jones Junior

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