Happy Birthday My Son

My Son Joe copyright Joe DiMaggio

Joseph and Dylan c Joe DiMaggio

August 5th is etched into my heart and my soul.  As the truth be none, it’s etched into every cell of my body. I never realized how important the day would be.  My first son Joseph was born that day.  He was one and 7.9 pounds – a premie.  I was told his chances of survival were not good.  He was placed in an incubator and left the hospital a total of 72 days later. He grew up to be an extremely bright, beautiful, wonderful young man. He beat all odds and fought with every fiber of his being to tackle his last obstacle which was Leukemia.  I don’t want to think he lost that battle but rather moved to a better place. I miss him twenty or thirty times a day. He will always be with me and in my heart forever.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSEPH.

c Joe DiMaggio

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