Feb 22 Sorry I Missed It

















I think John really captured the ambiance of Chinese new years I really like the way lady is looking up at the confetti, great shot!

“The Photo-walking Tour during the Chinese New Year celebration was phenomenal. I really learned a lot from your numerous street photography tips.   I also enjoyed interacting with my fellow student photographers. I look forward to taking photos with you again soon.Here is a pic from the class that I hope you like. Thanks again for sharing your expertise!”

(John Pitts)

camera: NIKON D90
shutter speed:1/200 sec
focal length:32.0 mm
lens:17.0-50.0 mm f/2.8

One response to “Feb 22 Sorry I Missed It

  1. Reblogged this on Photo Talk Daily and commented:
    This was posted on Joe DiMaggio’s blog today https://blogjoedimaggio.com/

    Joe is an internationally recognized photographer and teacher that conducts phenomenal classes and workshops.

    I had the opportunity to participate in one of Joe’s Photo Walking classes during the Chinese New Years celebration in New York. At the beginning of the class, Joe told us that his goal was for each of us to improve our photography skills by at least one level. The class far exceeded this goal.

    As we spent the day navigating through the parade participants, Joe gave all of us one street photography tip after another. I was amazed at how much my photography improved in just a single day.

    This was truly a great experience and I highly recommend it to photographers at all levels. Check for upcoming classes on Joe’s Blog.

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